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Compilation #2

This compilation includes photos of some recent trips and impromptu photo shoots and miscellaneous portraits.



Renay and Lina in Los Angeles Arts District

Happy Memorial Day! We took the long weekend opportunity to have a shoot in my favorite location: the Arts District of Los Angeles. I wanted to try a new(ish) style of shooting, and what better way to do that with two models?

It was my first time photographing Renay, an actress from the heart of Detroit with hopes of some day working in the UN.

As far as photographic styles goes I think these images show an improvement in composition and framing in comparison to my previous shoots In general the images are more fun and pleasing to look at.

Our last stop was the 4th street bridge, as the 6th street bridge is under construction (damnit!). The overcast sky gave me very soft light, but if that wasn't the case I would have gotten a nice golden light as the sun was setting.


Angeline Chow #3 at Apex Studio

For this shoot we wanted to check out Apex Studio in the fashion district of LA for some shots against this amazing window. Shooting like this is both simple and a bit complicated at the same time.

The simple part is shooting in natural light, which let's me move around quickly so I can get a good feel for the shot, unhindered by lighting equipment.

The hard part is working with this one-dimensional light. If you don't do it correctly your exposure will be too far off, unable to be fixed even in post-processing.

A few of my favorite shots here are the ones with the low angle and low exposure (laying directly on the ground). The houses in the back provided a nice touch of color in a few of these too. Enjoy!


Lina in the Arts District

For this portrait session I went to one of my favorite places in LA, the Arts District. There is so much culture there: amazing cafes, restaurants, and bars. What's also impressive is the amount of art pieces on the sides of many of the buildings. On top of that you have the 4th street and 6th street bridges that provide amazing photography opportunities.

This was a very simple and impromptu shoot for Lina. I got to test out my 50mm f/1.4 lens and I'm very impressed with the results. For this shoot I also used my 85 prime and 24-70 zoom for a few of the bridge shots.


Compilation #1

Every once in a while I accumulate photographs that may not be part of a specific set or is somehow forgotten for a while.

This set is a collection of some of my favorite images (that aren't displayed in another blog post here) throughout the past 5 years. You'll find everything here from fashion to landscape photography.


Missy Biscocho

Meet Missy. She was rescued when she was a tiny baby (likely malnourished) and has grown up to be a healthy, mischievous chihuahua. We don't know her exact breed but we do know that she stopped growing at about 7 pounds.

Some of her nicknames include "pipis,"biscocho" (means biscuit in Spanish)," and "michina." It's a real joy capturing these little moments and I wanted to share some of these images with you guys. Enjoy.


"Kiss Me High" music video

I got the opportunity to cover some of the video shoot for "Kiss Me High" remix by Leianna Kai featuring Hi Tone.

We drove out to Lucerne Valley, CA in the afternoon in order to shoot with the sun nice and low. The videographer got right to work and I made sure to stay behind him as he shot. It was great seeing these artists and professionals in action.

I had two goals when shooting this. One, I wanted to capture the video shoot itself. I tried to keep the videographer and the two artists in the frame for some of the shots to get a behind the scenes feel. Two, I wanted to get some shots of each artist individually doing their thing which I feel I was able to do.


The Art Movement: El Monte

It's been months since I published any work. New priorities came up and my photography had to take a back seat for a bit but now I feel like I can get back into it.

This set was taken in El Monte, CA for an old friend hosting his new venture "The Art Movement": a small, traveling art show that features local vocal artists, emcees, poets, and more. The main set was delivered by Cruz Ahenri. He asked me to come out and take some pictures of his performance and I was happy to. It was my first time photographing a performance like this and it was so much fun! I had to keep in mind that I had to be as inconspicuous as possible while also getting in there and capturing the moment. It can be a difficult balance to strike but I feel I was able to do that this time around.

The Nikkor 85mm 1.4G was the only way I was able to get enough light into the sensor and I am happy with the results. Looking forward to the next event. Be sure to follow them on IG.


Leianna Kai #2

For my second shoot with Leianna we went for a stroll in Downtown near the Civic Center and ended up outside Walt Disney Concert Hall. Luckily there weren't many people at City Hall and throughout our little route so we had some legroom there. The amazing architecture there makes taking good pictures easy. Her flower dress really popped against the gray and light blue tones.

As we made our way through Grand Park we inevitably ended up at Walt Disney Concert Hall. It's shiny aluminum walls provide a great backdrop for photographers. Her second look went perfectly with the beige stairs and the vibes of the classy hall. The small set of stairs is also amazing and we were lucky again that not many people were passing through. And when they did they just watched us work! Another beautiful set.


Leianna Kai #1

My first shoot with Miss Leianna Kai! I had been meaning to work with her for a while but I had to hone my photography skills a little more first. She is a singer, songwriter, and model. She's got a new single and music video in the works so stay tuned for that!

We hit up the Arts District in LA for this shoot. Lucky for me the day before I was there in the same location for the Depict Conquer photo meet so I got to get a feel for the area and found a decent route to walk through. We utilized the setting sun during golden hour, which always results in impressive images.


Depict/Conquer Photo Meet

Photographer Martin Murillo, who's work I've come to admire over the past year, had his first "photo meet" in the Arts District of LA. It was also the first time I went to a meet up like this.

There were mostly photographers, a few models, and others who simply went for the experience. We filled the streets with energy as we made our way through the district, having mini photo shoots along the way. It was a great way to get to know some of the local talent, and I'm looking forward to more!


Nikki Cebu

For this shoot we hit up FD Photo Studio in the Fashion District. Like most of my shoots I picked a good time of day where there was enough natural light left coming in through those large windows.

The studio wasn't as big as I thought it would be but I had to make it work. It was a simple studio setting: black and white tiled floor, some white columns and a black leather couch.

This was Nikki's first shoot and I'm happy to be her first photographer!


Angeline Chow

I had been wanting to shoot in a studio like this for months! I finally got my chance in one of FD Photo Studio's biggest stages.

I chose a time of day where there was still some harsh sunlight coming in through the windows, then for the second half of the shoot it was all soft light all around. Angeline did an amazing job too. When the camera shutter starts clicking she just turns it on.


Bryan Jordan

After walking all over the Arts District of LA and seeing all the amazing artwork on the walls of the buildings I was immediately inspired.

There was no turning back. I had finally discovered one of the most special places in LA. There are always photographers here, whether an enthusiast or professional, taking pictures or passing through. Lots of stuff is filmed around these streets too; it's always a little adventure coming here.

I had the pleasure of photographing two-time MLS champion Bryan Jordan! We started off under the 6th street bridge and worked our way toward the city. It was a quick shoot, and an important turning point in my photography adventures.


Ashley Elizondo

Shot this set back in late 2013 in LA on the 6th street bridge. This bridge, along with 4th street and the others are really gorgeous places to hang out. You get a beautiful view of the LA skyline and the LA River and on top of that you are in the Art District.

I got my inspiration for this set on 500px. Once I was inspired I was able to come up with a concept and pitch it to Ashley, who did an awesome job. We shot this as the sun was setting so we were also able to get the skyline lights in the last image.

I remember almost canceling this shoot because I was thinking about what people might say or think, but I quickly realized that I would regret it forever if I didn't go through with it. Moral of the story: If you have a passion for something then go after it. Do it.


Macro #1

You can find a different world if you stop and look closely, or "stop and smell the roses" as they say. I did stop to smell the roses, but I also stayed close, looking closely at the inside of it. Maybe I would see something.

Macro photography has taught me about patience, persistence, and attention to detail. I had to be patient if I was looking for a new subject. It doesn't happen immediately after looking into a rose. There may be days when you don't see anything interesting, but then finally you will stop something and run to grab your camera! I had to be persistent. Once I did find an interesting subject I had to try my best not to scare it away, and I usually had to try many many times to get that perfect shot.

Finally, I had to pay attention to the details. Many of these jumpers (the spiders with the big row of four eyes) are only a few millimeters in length and can be hard to find if you don't take your time and pay close attention to where you are looking.

There were times where I stared at a patch of grass until I saw something move. Then finally you see a small little thing darting across the grass. Upon a closer look you see that it's a beautiful tiny spider and all the waiting and patience has paid off.