Macro #1


You can find a different world if you stop and look closely, or "stop and smell the roses" as they say. I did stop to smell the roses, but I also stayed close, looking closely at the inside of it. Maybe I would see something.

Macro photography has taught me about patience, persistence, and attention to detail. I had to be patient if I was looking for a new subject. It doesn't happen immediately after looking into a rose. There may be days when you don't see anything interesting, but then finally you will stop something and run to grab your camera! I had to be persistent. Once I did find an interesting subject I had to try my best not to scare it away, and I usually had to try many many times to get that perfect shot.

Finally, I had to pay attention to the details. Many of these jumpers (the spiders with the big row of four eyes) are only a few millimeters in length and can be hard to find if you don't take your time and pay close attention to where you are looking.

There were times where I stared at a patch of grass until I saw something move. Then finally you see a small little thing darting across the grass. Upon a closer look you see that it's a beautiful tiny spider and all the waiting and patience has paid off.